Issue 46 3D Artist magazine
- 6 page tutorial on robot concept, modeling, rendering
Issue 47 3D Artist magazine
- 1 page gallery image of probe bot
Work Experience
2.15 - Present, Senior 2 Artist Blizzard Ent.
- Overwatch
- Model and texture weapons for first person perspective
- Work closely with many disciplines to create memorable enemies for PVE experiences from OW1 to OW2
1.14 - 7.14, Contract Environment Artist Amazon
- Created 3d lockscreens for their head tracking phone launch
6.11 - 11.13, Senior Environment Artist Airtight Games
- Murdered: Soul Suspect
- Unreleased Ios game
- Quantum Conundrum
- Model and texture environment game assets in photoshop and maya
- Build and polish various stages of levels in Unreal engine
- Unreal engine shader/material creation
- Level design and kismet scripting in Unreal Engine
5.11 - 7.11, Freelance 3D Artist - Liquid Development
- Model and texture assets for Red 5's FireFall
- Hard surface modeling and texturing to match Red 5's pre-determined style
11.10 - 4.11 Environment Artist Airtight Games
Unannounced - AAA Console Game
- Model and texture environment game assets in photoshop and maya
- Build texture and proxy(greybox) levels in Unreal engine
6.10 - 10.10 3D Artist(contract) Vizuron ent.
Unannounced - PC MMO
- Model and texture environment game assets
11.09 5.10 Environment Artist Icarus Studios/Fallen Earth LLC.
Fallen Earth PC MMO
- Model and texture environment game assets
- Work with team to plan and create encounter areas, towns, and world settings
- Assisted with art pipeline reconstruction effort
08.09 Designer and co-owner for Xbox 360 Indie game
Glim: Shards of Dissent - Xbox 360 Indie marketplace
- Design and create all game assets, style, look, and feel
- Design levels and game play features
- Tackle all sorts of technical hurdles implementing art into a custom built engine
03.09 08.09 Lead Artist(contract) at J. Kenworthy Entertainment
Ancients of Ooga - Xbox 360 Arcade
- Design all game environments, and create most of the assets as well
- Hand painted all textures in Photoshop
- Work with engine programmers to get systems needed to produce required results
- Responsible for many other game elements such as UI and some characters
07.06 - 03.08 Artist at Tilted Mill Entertainment
Sim City Societies - PC
- Designed and created 20 buildings, and several variants, from spec sheets
- Produced 68 (of the games 69) vehicles each with 3 color variants
- Worked with art director to create vehicle look, feel, and creation schedule
Sim City Societies: Destinations - PC
- Designed and created 20 buildings from spec sheets
- Designed and created animated props for many of those 20 buildings
Hinterland - PC
- Designed and created a few animal/monsters
05.06-07.06 - Intern at Brainiac studios
- Responsible for modeling and texturing game assets
09.02 - 06.06 Savannah College of Art and Design
Earned my BFA from the computer animation department
Majored in animation however focused class choice on more technical direction oriented classes like modeling, lighting, and texturing.